The AMA Awards

Lifetime Achievement and Memory Awards put aside, which both remain the Honorary Committee exclusive domain, the AMA Awards are attributed by the whole of the Academy.

A three-level voting system: national/regional/global (global=continental + diaspora) will be implemented:
The professional organisations in each country will agree on a national winner per category, then each winner will become a voter in turn at the regional level, a voter who cannot vote for himself or herself, and finally, the winners at the regional level will vote for the pan-African winner of their promotion.

In line with the Nobel Prizes as well as the literary prizes and differing from most of the existing African music trophies, the Academy will favour a duly mediatised proclamation of the awards of its trophies

The winners of the AMA awards will be awarded a financial envelope and will also benefit from educational and professional actions, particularly in terms of career development: theoretical and practical training, career management including copyright and neighbouring rights, practical support (outreach and dissemination of the winners’ works: media, social networks, concerts, tours, playlists, etc).




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