Simply judging by the rhythms, the contribution of african music to the music of this world, and consequently, to the global civilisation, is indisputable: it is universally agreed that, forced exportation via 400 years of slavery has brought to the New World the seeds of gospel, blues, rock, rhythm-and-blues, jazz, funk, rap, hip-hop, calypso, reggae, salsa, samba, bossa-nova, and all the countless derivatives and variations, which makes them all african music in essence, just on the rhythmic standpoint.

A view which AMA aims at being a constant reminder of, from within each of its actions, “african music” being understood largo sensu. Numerous institutes and organisations the world over have gathered pieces and elements of this dynamic memory in permament evolution: the dialogue between the continent of origin and all the historic diasporas never stopped ever since.

Far from trying to re-invent the wheel, the Academy is willing to regroup publications (or links towards publications) by historians, musicologists, researchers and scholars, with their explicit authorisation, starting with journalists-historians couple Nago Seck and Sylvie Clerfeuille’s contribution, whose Afrisson’s website, enriched by an everlasting dedication to african music, already offers priceless resources.

The contents and thesis are the sole reponsability of their authors, and are displayed within this hierarchical menu as a knowledge base favoring exchanges and debates.

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