Consistent with its dedication to promote african music the world over, via eductional actions most notably, for and by the very actors in the industry themselves, the Academy is to organize its own awards, granted peer-to-peer in each category, based on a primary designation stemming from local professional organisations.

The primary “laureates” are therefore designated, non as the “best” in each category, but rather as people the associations freely wish to see embody the category, for their own and subjective reasons.

Similar to the Nobel Prizes and to most literary awards, therefore differing from most of the existing African music awards, the Academy favours a duly publicized proclamation of the awards via the mainstream press and media, with the trophies handed to their recipients during various events around the world rather than during a single ceremony.

For this 2024 debut session, the awards are granted to 6 (six) categories: composers, songwriters, main performers, musicians, executive producers and managers.

At the end, up to 360 laureates will then be celebrated, no one will be left behind.

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