Our Mission

Defending authors’ rights and related rights by working in concert with all copyright management organisations, associations and dedicated institutions, on and off the continent.

Educational actions, both online and in the field, will be aimed at professionals, the educational world and the general public, on the continent and abroad. To this end, the Academy intends to develop partnerships with institutions around the world, schools such as the Berklee College of Music in Boston, museums, bookstores and archives such as the INA. In line with UNESCO’s ongoing project of General History of Africa, AMA is to make the history of African music the foundation and legitimacy of its educational activities

The Academy seeks to federate the many existing professionalising actions, bodies and programs over the continent, putting forward the authors rights values as a prerequisite, and fostering the principle wherever and whenever needed. When finances permit, AMA pledges to create new actions, bodies and programs wherever gaps need to be filled.

Our Mission

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